About Me

With roots in independent filmmaking and a skillset in commercial production, my work over the last five years has led me to work with some exceptional clients such as Stormzy, Mullally, Apples and Snakes and the MOBO Organisation to name a few. As an experienced producer, my workflow expertise helps ensure that my team stay on top of their workload and focus on delivering great content.

A passion for photography compliments my regular travels across the Atlantic - I love New York cookies and diners. When I can, I'll take the time to immerse myself in culture through festivals, gigs, theatre and cinema - my festival highlight so far being 'Innocent Unplugged'.

Based in Islington, London.


Tidy and organised approach to workflow and working environment. Committed to delivering incredible products to clients. Confident initiating and developing relationships with new clients and partners. Seasoned traveller. Willing to go beyond the call-of-duty to make great art.

Extensive experience shooting with Canon DSLRs (5D Mk III/IV and 1DX Mk II), Sony A7S II and FS7 cameras. Enjoys creating content for YouTube and IGTV. Proficient editing in Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. Highly skilled using Photoshop, InDesign, Word, Keynote and macOS.